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Cup ( Automatic Cup Washer )

Cup ( Automatic Cup Washer )

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➼ Save Time :- The Cup Washer for Sink is completely clean in seconds, and the high-pressure water stream helps you clean out of reach. and directs the flow of water into the kitchen sink for easy cleanup.

➼ Quick Clean: The powerful water flow of the Cup Washer for Sink thoroughly rinses away residues in seconds, leaving your glass looking new. and it can direct water into the sink.

➼ How to Use: Put the mouth of the cup downward and press the bottom of the Glass Washer lightly to automatically spray water for cleaning. Everyone can operate it easily.

➼ Rugged and Durable: The bottom is formed by a whole piece of aluminum alloy die, and the punch is made of stainless steel and ABS, which is strong and durable.

➼ Precautions: Must have at least 3 inches of space surrounding the installation hole and no more than 2.95 inches from the center of the hole to the sink's edge - ensuring water flow goes into the sink.

Technical Data

Body Purple
Eyes Black
Beak Orange
Material Plastic

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